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5 Practical Ways to Optimise Your Wardrobe and Bedroom Space


 You've had such a busy festive season that you haven't had time to keep your bedroom organised! This disarray is a total frustration to you. So you've decided it's now or never! You just HAVE to optimise your wardrobe and bedroom space.

Here we suggest 5 practical ways to optimise your bedroom and clothing cupboard:

1. Declutter
The first step is to make more space in your bedroom cupboard by getting rid of any "unwanted" clothing - anything you don't wear anymore, which doesn't fit, you no longer like or needs fixing or cleaning. Store these in aptly labelled boxes or bins etc. for attention at a later stage.

Be ruthless and only keep the clothes that you still wear and still really love, that still fit you and that you feel comfortable and good in.

This should already free up a fair amount of space.

2. Maximise your hanging space

  • Organise a mix of both single rail and double rail hanging sections - single for longer length clothing, double with an upper and lower rail for shorter length garments like shirts, tops and trousers and jeans. 

  • Keep to a single type of slimline hanger which allows more space on the rail and keeps the clothing line level and even, and looks neat at a glance.

3. Organise like a pro

Use an organiser system of shelves, drawer units and accessories to keep the rest of your pieces neat and tidy; in compartments in drawers, rolled up in drawers and folded or stacked on shelves.

Shoes should be stored in pairs at the bottom of the cupboard, preferably in boxes with a picture of the shoe on the outside, unless using a clear plastic shoe box, for easy identification.

A hanging shoe organiser or over-door hooks on the inside of the clothing cupboard doors are perfect space-savers for miscellanea like jewellery, gloves, scarves, belts etc.

View our stunning Infinity Organiser options here:

4. Brighten up your space
Lighting inside your cupboard will let you see what you have and what you're doing and it will appear more spacious. Battery-powered stick-and-push lighting is a simple, cost-effective but ideal solution.

Stick to lighter shades of paint on your walls as they reflect more light and increase its feel of spaciousness. Use the neutrals of off-white and soft greys which also add a sense of classy sophistication and tranquility.

5. Extend your bedroom space

your clothing cupboard is fitted with a hinged door, then consider the benefits of replacing it with a sliding wardrobe door which uses less of your bedroom floor space. This small amount of additional floor space has an amazing effect on the spacious feel of your room and lends itself to other uses - a wider walking space, a potted plant or a wicker basket filled with pretty paraphernalia.

View our sliding wardrobe door options here:

For an enhanced feeling of spaciousness in your bedroom, install sliding mirror doors. Mirrors in a room make quite a statement - enhancing the room's appeal, bringing in a good energy as well as maximising the natural light within a room. Mirrors on a wardrobe door also function to keep you looking sharp and provide additional security as they allow you to see around corners, walls, doors and doorways.

View our selection of sliding mirror doors here:

Just a few small changes like these 5 suggestions will surprise you when you see how much they help to optimise your bedroom and cupboard space.

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