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Sneeze Guards are Versatile. Here’s why.


The coronavirus pandemic has changed our daily lives and the way we interact with each other. Social distancing and wearing of masks has become our new normal and personal protection has become top of our minds as we know the impact will be long-lasting.

Businesses have resorted to using transparent barriers wherever employees are in personal face-to-face contact with other workers or customers, while still allowing interaction between them.

These barriers have many names such as sneeze or cough guards, sneeze partitions, protective screens, protective shields, counter screens or acrylic shielding. Whatever they are called, they are generally washable and frameless, clear divider panels which are very versatile… here's why.

They are:

  1. Made of various, strong, durable materials, such as glass, perspex, acrylic or plastic.
  2. Inexpensive & cost-effective.
  3. Usually transparent and fairly lightweight.
  4. Effective as a barrier at counters or checkouts between cashiers and customers, or at reception desks, ticket counters and office work desks.
  5. Useful as interior partitions, queue barriers in banks etc. and as room dividers.
  6. Installed as either temporary, permanent or portable barriers.
  7. Modern looking and do not detract from the aesthetics of the premises.
  8. Free standing, desk- or counter-mounted or suspended, preferably by a professional installer, from the ceiling by chains or cables.
  9. Quick and easy to produce.
  10. Available in standard sizes or customised to suit the needs of the facility or the space available.
  11. Quick and easy to install.
  12. Easy to clean and disinfect using household cleaners or mild soap or detergents.
  13. Fairly resistant to scuffing and scratches from everyday contact and cleaning.
  14. Useful in protecting prepared food from bacteria and other air-borne contaminants.
  15. Ideally suited to most industries like banking, retail, medical (hospitals, ICU, doctors and dental rooms) and schools.

Having sneeze guards, invaluable and versatile protective mechanisms, in any business or office where there is people interaction, helps to establish a sense of trust and to reinforce its commitment to both public and employee safety.

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