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What you wear defines who you are


Even if your wardrobe is full of a mixture of colours, there is always one colour that features more prominently. That's because this is the colour that makes you feel more confident, comfortable and happy. That's the colour that defines who you are.

Open your cupboard and take a look, now see what your bedroom cupboard reveals about you.

Black - is the colour of authority and suggests mystery and professionalism. People who wear black clothing often are thought to be confident and ambitious.

Blue - the colour of sea and sky, is quiet and calming. People associate the colour blue with intelligence, loyalty and tranquility. Darker shades, like navy blue, indicate power.

Brown - is the colour of the earth and implies strength and stability. People who wear the colour brown look for strength and peace. They come across as reliable and rational.

Green - symbolises nature and creates a sense of peace and happiness. It is a soothing and refreshing colour suggestive of hope. Those who prefer green are usually caring and gentle.

Purple - represents royalty and elegance. People who wear purple are considered sensitive.

Red - is a bold intense colour and expresses confidence and power. People who want to be noticed, wear red. It is associated with energy and is the colour of love.

Yellow - is a happy, cheerful colour and symbolises bright promise. Active people like to wear yellow.

White - symbolises peace, purity and simplicity. People who wear white are usually neat and receptive to new ideas and are honest and reliable.

Pink - is considered to be calming and feminine when a soft shade. People who love pink are romantic and gentle.

Orange - is a cheerful colour and those who like to wear orange are optimistic and energetic.

Grey - symbolises tranquility and maturity. Dark charcoal grey indicates power but light grey indicates a more relaxed demeanour. A person who favours grey is someone who prefers to remain unnoticed and neutral.

It's the combination of the colours of the clothing you have in your cupboard, the styles and your accessories that determine how people perceive you and your personality. Here are some simple ways to change the impression you create.

How to Be Seen As More Formal:
Wear dark colours like black and grey, keep accessories simple and minimal.

How to Be Seen As More Casual:
Layers and clothing with a loose fit suggest an easy going and casual personality.

How to Be Seen As More Edgy:
Spice up your style with contrasting styles, shades and textures.

How to Be Seen As More Professional:
Make sure your clothes fit right and don't reveal too much cleavage. Well-tailored outfits and suits suggest professionalism and attention to detail.

How to Be Seen As More Attractive:
Only wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable so that you appear confident when you walk.

It's not that the colours of the clothes we have in our wardrobes, their styling and our accessories only determine how others see us but they also affect how we see ourselves too.

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