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Planning Your Schedule to Include Exercise

Staying healthy can be a challenge, who really has the time for a complete workout and Uber Eats is so convenient. Luckily, there are a few things you can do in your everyday routine to get the exercise you need. Here are five things you can do to get your weekly five hours of sweat in. 1. Treat exercise like an appointment: There are a few things ...
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Your wardrobe New Year's Resolution, Make it a Reality in 2019!

Deciding that your New Year's resolution will be upgrading your home with new, custom built and uniquely styled wardrobes can help you to hit two birds, or accomplishments in this case, with one stone. Not only is it realistic and achievable goal to set for yourself, but it also has two great benefits for when you have the finished product installe...
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5 Fantastic Gift Ideas!

If you are one of those last minute shoppers, here are a few gift ideas that will suit almost anyone and there will still be plenty available in the stores. Here is our list of 5 fantastic last minute gift ideas to save the day this year. 1. Gift Vouchers: Some people can be quite difficult to buy a gift for, they may have everything they could eve...
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4 Tips to Organise Your Fridge

How often do you really clean out your fridge and freezer? Before your next big grocery shop, clean out and organise your fridge. Here are a few tips to help you to get to that perfectly organised fridge. ​ 1. Declutter inside the fridge: ​ Start by taking every item out of your fridge and sort through each one. Carefully read the labels for the ex...
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​4 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

 We love Christmas and the endless possibilities of exciting décor and stunning interior design, but sometimes synthetic trees can feel rather boring and uncreative. Why not try something different with one of these fun and unexpected Christmas tree ideas that are easy and cheap to make. Pallet Trees Pallets are all the décor rage right now. T...
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Healthy Alternatives to Holiday Cooking

With the festive season approaching, the silent question we all ask ourselves begins to whisper in our ears… How are you going to enjoy all those festive feasts and not lose the summer body you've been working on? For many of us, the end of the year is jam-packed with parties, family get-togethers, and food, oh the wonderful, glorious feasts we sha...
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Change is as Good as a Holiday

We all know the saying, change is as good as a holiday, but the question of how often you should change your home and especially bedroom decor seems to remain unanswered. For some, the exciting, fresh decor change can't come soon enough and keeping the home up to date with the latest trends is essential. For others, decades can pass by with the sam...
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Let Sliding Mirror Doors Bright Up Your Summer Home

By now you may have noticed that we LOVE sliding mirror doors and that is why we specialise in them. Sliding mirror doors have many features that can benefit your home. Here are five reasons why you should install Fineline Sliding mirror doors this summer. 1. Space: Sliding mirror doors are the perfect addition to any room in the home as they give ...
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Organise Your Kids' Holiday Calendar in Advance

School holidays can be a dream come true as a break from the morning madness and traffic is often well deserved for both kids and their parents. For many parents working from 9 to 5, however, the problem of what to do with your kids during the break can be incredibly stressful. The trick is to organise their school holiday calendar and here are fiv...
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How to Dress for Success

Moving up in the corporate world or getting a new job is an exciting and monumental achievement. Making sure that you make the most of your new position will take a little more than just hard work and determination, it will take a little fashion sense as well. If you're wondering what your new wardrobe should look like for your new, empowered posit...
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Can Healthy Eating Improve Your Company Culture?

The business world has taken a revolutionary turn and corporate culture has become a vital part of running a successful company. For many businesses, cubicles are out while the open plan is in, formal business attire has moved to business casual and instead of 20 employees battling it out for a position in a company, businesses try out-bid each oth...
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Organise Your Shoes This Summer

Everyone loves their shoe collection, whether it's predominantly Jimmy Choos, Converse All-Stars or every colour of Mr Price ballerina pumps since 1999, we try to take care of them to the best of our abilities but the problem comes in when we can't seem to keep them orangised . It can be devastating when we can't find that one pair that we particul...
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DIY Tips for Homemade Decor this Halloween

Halloween is a fun occasion for kids and adults, where we can all get a little silly with dressing up and decorating our homes because, well why not? Sweet treats everywhere with comical costumes will give way to some fantastic parties but what about the decor? Whether you're hosting a Halloween party for kids or adults, the decor is what makes the...
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How to Plan a Fineline Wardrobe

Fineline provides our clients with the ultimate solutions in modern or traditional wardrobes and organisers . Our wide range of decors and finishes allows each of our valued clients to enjoy the wardrobe or organiser of their dreams, but how do you get the Fineline installation you've always wanted? It's easy, and here are the options to ...
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Choose Neutral Wardrobe Finishes

When does a colour become too much to handle? We all have a favourite colour and want to be surrounded by it because it makes us happy, but the truth is that it's a bad idea to add too much colour to a permanent feature of a room, like a wardrobe. As boring as it may seem, neutral colours are always the best choice when designing your wardrobe. Rea...
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Why Braai Day is A Part of Our Heritage

What makes a braai fundamental to South African heritage? The answer lies simply in the fact that the braai is as unique as ourselves. It doesn't matter where in the world a South African may travel to, one thing is guaranteed, the braai will join them. In preparation for Braai Day (Heritage Day), we're going to take a look at how the braai become ...
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Indoor Plants: Stylish and Healthy

Indoor plants, either on your desk or in your home, have accompanied interior design and home decor for generations. Their beautiful greenery gives any room a fresh and healthy look while bringing a little organic certain something which we all love. Indoor plants, however, don't just stop working at making a room a chic and pleasant location to be...
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Pack the Winter Woolies Away to Save Wardrobe Space

Why should you pack away your winter clothing? Well, not only does it help make room for your summer clothes, but it also helps to keep your winter wardrobe in shape and let it last longer because everyone knows that cashmere jersey didn't come cheap. If you want to get the most out of your winter woolies and keep them in tip-top shape, read on and...
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Clutter Free Means Stress Free

Most people live with too much stuff, and who can blame them? We live in a world of excess is it any wonder that to the list of excessive petrol prices, excessive fast food availability, excessive waste, we can add excessive stress to our lives? It may seem like an odd idea but decluttering your home can help you release a lot of the stress you are...
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Why Is Baking Soda So Amazing?

Baking soda is simply a godsend in the home. With so many varying uses, being very affordable and widely available, it's a definite mainstay for your home. Whether you use it to bake yourself a treat or clean a stubborn spot, we've got a list of amazing uses for you here; An easy mouthwash to neutralise bad breath: Add 1 teaspoon of baking soda in ...
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