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Meal Planning: Here's What You Need to Know

Meal planning is a brilliant way for busy people to save time and money by simply thinking ahead, but here's the crazy part, some people think it's a complicated task! Well, if you've thought about meal planning but not sure where to begin, read on for the essentials to this smart trend. 1. Get Prepared Meal planning is all about being prepared and...
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​Where Can You Save Money?

We could all stand to save a little pocket change here and there, whether it's to make the month's expenses a little easier to manage or save up for a big holiday. The trick is knowing how and where you can save a little money here and there to add up to big savings. Here are five small ways you can save a little cash and watch the numbers add up. ...
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Is Spring Cleaning around the corner?

We all like to think that our homes and wardrobes are clean, and why shouldn't we? We take the time to dust and sweep and mop and vacuum our homes, disinfect our bathrooms and scrub our kitchens, but what if we told you there are places you've probably forgotten all about, maybe since you moved in? Don't worry, your secret's safe with us. Here are ...
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The 5 Golden Rules to Buying Linen

Getting a good night's sleep is more essential than ever in our fast paced world. On average, we spend a third of our lives in our beds, shouldn't that much time be made as comfortable as possible? You have the stylish bed board and the Posturepedic mattress that cost more than your wedding; but if you're still tossing and turning, you may need to ...
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Fineline has it all! For all you Wardrobe solutions!

Imagine if we all had the same tastes and styles, everyone would eat the same food, dress the same way and decorate their home with identical decor. Boring! One of the greatest spices to life is variety, a way to express ourselves through the way our homes look. That is why Fineline has taken the time to design and develop a huge variety for our cl...
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How to Organise Your Wardrobe, Properly

 Whatever season, whichever day, at some point or another, we all look into our wardrobes and feel completely overwhelmed by the sheer chaos, the madness that has become our wardrobe. It may not hit you immediately, but when you can't find that racing red jersey, the button shirt for your special cuff-links, or the left kitten heel that is per...
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10 Ways to Transform Your Tiny Kitchen

 A small kitchen can give you big problems, from minimal counter space to work from, to small storage space, and worst of all, it will always look cluttered and messy! If you have a tiny kitchen that makes you cringe, here are 10 genius ways to double your counter and storage space while making it look tidy and clean.  1. Make use of the ...
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How to Survive Load Shedding This Winter

South Africans are no strangers to load shedding, many of us grew up seeing it as a wintertime inevitability, but that doesn't mean you need to let it get you down. While nobody is thrilled about the rolling blackouts, there are a few things that can help you get through them without too much despair. Here are a few tips to help you and your family...
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5 tips to get a Head-Start on Your Spring Cleaning Now

  Spring cleaning is a tradition carried on from when homes were warmed using wood and coal, during the winter months, and homes would get a fine layer of ash and soot from the fires that warmed the home. Spring was the first practical time to clean the home thoroughly, and while we no longer warm our homes with messy fires anymore, the tradit...
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No More Socks for Dad This Father’s Day

Father's Day is coming up this weekend, which means a day of fatherly love and family fun and appreciating dads everywhere. The hardest thing about Father's Day is deciding what is the perfect gift to get dad. Dads can be difficult to buy for, especially since they are generally the ones who can get whatever they want or need.  Every dad has a...
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How to Quickly and Effectively Organise Your Pantry

​ A kitchen pantry is a magical place, it will either hold everything you could possibly need at any given point or be filled to capacity with nothing to snack on. The latter problem is usually because it's cluttered and unorganised. With a few little changes and a quick organisation spree, your pantry will be easy to navigate and clutter-free. Sta...
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​How to Create a Warm and Welcoming Home

There is nothing more flattering than having a home where your guests want to spend time in, but the right atmosphere is a difficult one to create, let alone define. If you feel your home is somewhat uncomfortable for your guests and want it to be a little more inviting, then have a look at these simple methods to make your home a warm and inviting...
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When is The Best Time to Build a New Wardrobe?

​ Getting a new wardrobe is a wonderful and exciting time for everyone. The new space, new style, and new interior possibilities allow for you to make your wardrobe, your room, and even your home truly yours. The question is when is the best time for you to get a new wardrobe? Having a new wardrobe installed will take planning; the fun part is desi...
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Simple Tricks to Make Your Clothing Last Longer

​ Clothing is expensive, and replacing it can often hurt your wallet. Making sure that you look after your clothing correctly, whether it's packed away for a season, in the wash or on your body, is a smart to ensure your clothing lasts longer. Here are some genius ways you probably haven't thought of that will keep your clothing looking g...
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Why You Should Tell Your Builder to Use Fineline

Whether you are renovating your home, adding on a new room, or building a house from scratch, your builder will have a list of suggestions for the best suppliers of raw materials through to where to get the best room fixtures such as wardrobes. For the best wardrobes, drawers, and organizer options, you should tell your builder to choose Fineline S...
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Original Gift Ideas for Mom this Mother's Day

Finding the right Mother's Day gift can be a difficult challenge, especially with so many cliché options available at this time of the year. Here is a list of options of the usual and some unique gift ideas for mom this Mother's Day. ​ ​ Chocolates to tell your mom how sweet she is.  A pamper kit because mom deserves a little TLC.  B...
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How Fineline Solutions can free up your space

We often talk about space and in our homes, our space is very important. The way that we arrange our space defines our personal style while the way we work with our space defines our lifestyle. However, there can be times where our space feels like its constricting us and a little organization and even freedom is needed. Here is how Fineline can he...
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​Wardrobe Do's and Don'ts

Installing a new wardrobe is a creative and exciting time. It allows you to truly define your space and make your room and life as efficient as possible. If you're installing a new wardrobe, here are a few do's and don'ts to keep in mind: Do consider the room's dimensions: A new wardrobe is a wonderful and exciting upgrade to any home. Wardrobes he...
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What is so Fascinating about an Open Bathroom in the Bedroom and Why this is Freaking Us Out

So a rather interesting yet disturbing trend would be the en-suite bathroom with no doors.  Yes , you read that correctly, take your time to really let this sink in. Funny how all the other bathrooms always have doors, still often the en-suite bathroom is left wide open. We get that the couple sharing the bedroom will usually be the ones using...
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5 Reasons You Need Mirror Sliding Doors In Your Home

Sliding doors save space: No longer do you need to arrange your bedroom furniture strategically to accommodate old hinge doors, leaving you more space available.  Mirrors create the illusion of space: Mirrors reflect the rest of the room and create the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is.  Natural light in your home: With...
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