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Home Renovations In Spring: Wardrobes And Organisers

It's springtime, the season of new beginnings, and our energy levels are up! If the renovation bug has bitten and you are considering adding some spring colour or introducing a new piece of furniture to your home, then let us inspire you with our custom-built quality wardrobes and organisers which will transform any space. Our Infinity Display Unit...
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How To Manage Your Kids In The Digital Era

Children today are born where technology is an integral part of our everyday life. Whilst its benefits and uses in the development and education of children cannot be denied, too much screen time for children can be harmful. It is the responsibility of parents to guide their children in using this technology in healthy ways. Here are 8 tips on how ...
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Walk-in Wardrobe Design Tips

An ideal walk-in wardrobe is spacious, offers a variety of storage options for all your clothing, shoes and accessories and has a sophisticated and organised interior with the contents easily viewed and accessed. Designing and installing a walk-in wardrobe can be a formidable and rather expensive assignment that is perhaps best left to the professi...
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Spring Trend Colours For Bedroom Wardrobes

Colour plays an important role in interior design. Changing your colour scheme can completely transform your room; change its mood, its ambience and its illusion of size. Colour trends for interior design are mostly influenced by fashion trends which change annually. For 2020 the interior décor colour trends are: Black: Is a dramatic, powerful colo...
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Clothing Folding and Storage Techniques to Save You Cupboard and Drawer Space

As we begin and end our day in the bedroom, keeping it neat, tidy and organised will keep us calm and relaxed. After all, who wants to start their morning routine each day by opening their wardrobe and seeing untidy drawers, with clothing items in disarray or spilling out of the drawers or even finding the clothes lying on the floor? Here are some ...
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Is shoe clutter driving you mad? Clever Ways to Store Shoes by Fineline solutions

When getting home after a long day out, the first item we tend to remove is our shoes to rest our weary feet - often just kicking them off and leaving them untidily on the walk-in-cupboard or bedroom floor. Shoes, an everyday essential accessory, can be a rather expensive purchase so they should be stored with care to preserve their condition, dura...
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Stylish Use of Infinity Organisers and Display Units...

Lack of storage, whether in a home or an office, is one of the most common complaints. Instead of purchasing additional storage cupboards, internal organisers may just be a better way to utilise your current space and maximise on storage space. Fineline Solutions offers a quality system which can be designed according to your personal needs and spe...
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How Sneeze Guards can be used in the Hairdressing and Beauty Industry?

Since the arrival of the coronavirus, we have all become far more cautious and concerned about personal protection. Businesses have had to adapt to safeguard both their employees and their clients and many seem to have adopted, and to be using, sneeze guards most effectively. Sneeze guards are transparent barriers or protective screens made from st...
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Choose Sliding wardrobe doors to match your personality! Our Décors and styles will suit you…

Are you looking to upgrade your bedroom cupboards? Are you looking for a new wardrobe solution which can be customised to your specifications and needs and one which will match your interior design? Are you looking for a wardrobe solution to match your personality? Have a look at the benefits of sliding wardrobe doors and our variety of options: Sl...
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How to Declutter Your Bedroom Cupboard in Winter

  Nothing is more irritating than rummaging through a disorganised cupboard, while trying to get dressed for the day, and not finding what you want to wear! This is particularly maddening and frustrating on a cold winter's morning, especially if you are running late for the office or an important appointment. Here are 5 steps on how to declutt...
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Sneeze Guards are Versatile. Here’s why…

  The coronavirus pandemic has changed our daily lives and the way we interact with each other. Social distancing and wearing of masks has become our new normal and personal protection has become top of our minds as we know the impact will be long-lasting. Businesses have resorted to using transparent barriers wherever employees are in persona...
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Wardrobe Woes Will Be a Thing of the Past with Fineline

Running out of storage space? Feeling overwhelmed when you open your wardrobe or office cupboard? Is it a jumble of cluttered items? Is it difficult to find the item you need? Or are you simply looking to renovate or upgrade your bedroom or office? Here are 4 options to consider when choosing new wardrobes and cupboards. Design Utilise the services...
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Introducing our Incredible, Customised Installations for your Home & Business

Fineline is an established South African designer, manufacturer and installer of quality custom-made wardrobes and space-saving sliding doors with over 30 years' experience. They are dedicated to providing an excellent service offering which is evident from their wide and superior stylish range of options, quality workmanship, fine attention to mee...
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Health Tips for Ageing with Grace…

Growing old is a fact of life. No-one likes it or wants it. But everyone is destined to experience it because Time marches on… regardless! It is never too late to start growing old gracefully by…..….. Protecting Your Skin Protect your skin as this is one of the first places where ageing becomes visible. Use gentle anti-ageing skin products. Wear su...
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11 Important Coping Mechanisms for Sibling Rivalry in Your Home So You Don’t Go Mad

Is there sibling conflict in your home? Are your children constantly arguing? Always in competition with one another? Is it driving you mad? Is this rivalry becoming too stressful for you and the other family members? Are you needing help with this? If so, here are some suggestions. But, to deal with this conflict, one first needs to determine the ...
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Common wardrobe design mistakes and how to fix them

Too much stuff, but too little space Badly designed wardrobes accommodate a limited amount of clothing and easily become overcrowded. An improved wardrobe design begins with decluttering however the trouble is when the structuring doesn't allow for functional organisation the space very quickly becomes messy again. Click here to view some of our wa...
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What bad habits do you have?

Bad habits, everyone has one or many and they interrupt our daily lives, sometimes our health. They can waste time and energy and prevent us from being progressive and achieving our goals. The question arises, why do we still have them? And even more importantly, what can we do to get rid of them? Most of the time bad habits are simply a way to dea...
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Simple tips to redesign your bedroom

Add space Rearranging your furniture or adding sliding mirror cupboard doors can completely transform the cluttered space into a relaxing, light environment. Personalisation Your bedroom should be inviting and the one place in your home that allows you to unwind and rejuvenate. Design and decor colours should speak serenity, peace and relaxation, u...
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Is your child a victim of a nasty bully?

Bullying can exist in many forms - it can be physical, verbal, psychological and emotional. Learning how to spot it and how to protect your children from bullies is very important. Here are some tips to help your kids deal with bullies. Is my child a victim? The first step to dealing with bullies is identifying whether your child is a victim. Bully...
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Customise your home or office The Fineline Way!

We provide stylish, elegant, unique and customisable wardrobe solutions that transform your business or home interior to look and feel elegant and refreshing. How do we do this? Sliding Mirror Doors Transform the Space Incorporating sliding mirror doors to your room will make the overall feeling more luxurious and spacious. Fineline Wardrobe Soluti...
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